The 3 Best Diners in Boston

If there is one place on earth, where people know how to do a great breakfast, it has to be Boston. If you are wondering what are the best diners in Boston, here is our cream of the crop, the top 3 list. Here you will get everything you want and much more, and that too at a very decent price, Could you have asked for more?

Trident Books Café

Located in 338 Newbury St., Trident Books café is one such place which serves you more than Belgian Waffles, Potato chuck wagons or sweet potato pancakes. If you are serious about your health, then this is the place you must visit, at least to enjoy their very famous Antioxidant Smoothie.

My Diner

If you want to try something unique, but don’t want to step out of your home, ring (617) 268-9889; you will be connected to most friendly staff at My Diner to take your order to be delivered at your door step. The best part is that it is a family owned diner and whether it is traditional breakfast that you are looking for or pasta plates, you can get it all, and you don’t have to pay an exorbitant price.

The Friendly Toast

Located at 1 Kendall Square, The Friendly Toast restaurant will take you into the past as it modelled after a 1950’s diner. The restaurant offers the best breakfast in the state and you can choose from a variety of pancakes and waffles they offer. You would be surely returning for more.