The Best Hamburgers in Boston

A visit to Boston is incomplete without one or more of the famous hamburgers. After all, Boston is just as famous for its beers and burgers as it is for anything else. Let us have a look at the best hamburgers in Boston.


True this place charges a premium on the burger. But it is so worth it. The patty is amazingly seasoned. There is the yummy Cheddar, crisp onion and on top horse radish sauce which is both creamy as well as tangy. To top if off, this place just secured a historic real estate deal that will cement Radius in Bostons history for a long time to come.

Trina’s Starlight Lounge

This is a turkey burger that can give the best of beef burgers a run for their money. The patty is extremely juicy and moist. It is accompanied by Swiss cheese, apple, arugula as well as apple sauce. This combination makes it an interesting combination of both a savoury and sweet taste.

Lucky’s Lounge

Their sliders are famous. They are meant to just hold you up till the main course comes. But this burger is much more than a normal snack. It is made of rich Kobe beef. It also includes bacon, fried eggs of quail and some cheese. It is pure indulgence in itself.

The Gallows

This gives you the simple pleasure of a patty packed into a bun which has been toasted to perfection. The pork meat patty is seasoned just perfectly. It packs a flavour punch with the very first bite. It has simple but delectable toppings like lettuce, cheese, pickles as well as grilled onions. Simply Heavenly!

The next time you are in Boston, you know where to go to fulfil your burger craving!