Hi, everyone,

I am Tania. I am from France.
My blog is devoted to diabetes. I consider this topic very hot and important because hundreds of people all over the world are diagnosed with this disease. Seriousness of this disease is obvious because in modern life there are a lot of ways to acquire diabetes.

I studied this topic for a rather long period of time and ready to share all the information I’ve got. Database containing this information in my blog will be always updated because researches are still continued and we expect new results and conclusions.

What do we know about this disease? What symptom does it have? How does this diagnose change life style of people? You will find answers to these and other questions.

I will post more information related to diabetes, to its symptoms and the way to stay healthy as long as possible. Additionally, I kindly ask you, my subscribers, to share your stories about this disease, how do fight it and whether you’ve got some successful experience of improvement of your well-being. Some of your stories will be considered and discussed by real doctors and the results of their discussion will be presented to you as a feedback.